How to check the quality of lash box

2018-11-29 0 作者 admin

When you want to start your own eyelash business, a high-quality eyelash box is an essential element. A high-quality eyelash box can improve the grade of eyelashes and attract more customers for you. Next, let me introduce you to several methods of how to check the quality of the lash box.

1. Observe the logo printed on the eyelash box

Logo is an important factor to highlight your eyelash case brand. The first element of a high-quality eyelash case is to have a complete and high-quality logo. In this way, your brand can be better displayed, and while selling eyelashes, it can also complete brand promotion for you.

How to check the quality of lash box

2. Check whether the eyelash box is delicate

Generally, there is a detailed problem with the eyelash box, that is, the glue overflows around the upper and lowers four corners of the eyelash box. Therefore, please carefully observe the position of the four corners of the eyelash box to see if there is any glue overflow. A high-quality eyelash box will not have glue overflow.

3. Check whether there are scratches on the surface of the eyelash box

High-quality eyelash boxes will not have the problem of paint falling off, because high-quality eyelash boxes are made of top-quality materials, and there will be no paint falling off. In addition, high-quality eyelash boxes are made by high-quality manufacturers. Good manufacturers pay attention to details and pack the eyelash case before shipment to avoid scratches.

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