How to custom lashes

2020-05-21 0 作者 admin

With the development of economy, the styles of cosmetics are gradually enriched, and eyelashes are no exception. All kinds of eyelashes are slowly appearing. Therefore, in order to pursue individuality, people have asked suppliers to customize their eyelashes. So, how to custom lashes?

You can customize eyelashes from the following aspects according to your preferences:

1. Color

All eyelashes in the market are black, so some customers choose to customize color eyelashes in order to highlight their personality to highlight their charm. But it is worth noting that colored eyelashes are only suitable for customizing with velvet eyelashes, not mink hair eyelashes. Because coloring the mink lashes will damage the mink hairs and make the mink lashes messy and unsatisfactory.

custom lashes

2. Length

In general, the length of the eyelashes on the catalog provided by the suppliers is designed by their designers. The length of the style you like may not be suitable for you, either longer or shorter. Therefore, you can ask the supplier to customize the length. After that, you can get the eyelashes you like and are suitable for you.

3. Density

The density of eyelashes can also be customized. According to the style you want and the density requirements, you can also adjust the density of the eyelashes. From sparse to dense can achieve the effect you want.

In addition to the above focus, you can also custom lashes curvature, eyelash band and other aspects. If you want to customize eyelashes, please contact me, we have a dedicated design team that can design eyelashes for you according to the characteristics of your eyes. In addition, you can also create your own eyelash design drawings. Our design team will make some modifications for you to make eyelashes that satisfy you.