Custom Eyelash Cases in Private Label 3d Mink Eyelashes

2019-09-11 0 作者 admin

In order to save the costs of our customers and received the custom eyelash cases as soon as possible. Our AVAPRO lashes’ designers invested their Intelligent to a series of custom eyelash cases.

To make custom eyelashes cases with private logo and information on, the production manager would say “wait 10 days, or 15 days ” to the magnetic lash boxes. But for this kind print boxes stocked cases, will need 2 days only await. So it’s very soon in eyelashes orders‘ delivery.

And If you want to custom magnetic lash boxes, we can also custom them for you. But they need more longer time than the boxes above. We will custom lash boxes according to customers’ requirement, make sure customers will be satisfied with customized boxes.

We are the mink lashes and lash boxes wholesale, specializing in mink lashes and lash boxes design and lashes handmade, the custom eyelashes packages are at high-end makeup tools.

AVAPRO LASHES handmade the lashes in truly heart , light the world where it went. If you need to custom lashes and lash boxes, welcome to contact us, we will make you fell satisfaction,Whether it’s lashes or lash boxes. It is the best choice for you to choose AVAPROLASHES as your supplier.