Clear Band 3D mink lashes -Invisible Eyelashes

2020-08-25 0 作者 admin

Clear Band 3D mink lashes. The band is clear, invisible, named invisible strip eyelashes. AVAPRO lashes designed and produced the invisible strip eyelashes are Favorited by the lashes customers from all over the world.

The strip mink lashes usually have two kinds of the lash band, clear band, and black cotton band in high quality and wear comfortable.

Compared with the black cotton lash band, the transparent lash band has more advantages in eye makeup. Using transparent lash band lashes can better highlight the color of the eyeliner you are using and make your eye makeup more visible.

clear band mink lashes

Some customers may ask which one is more comfortable to wear compared to the transparent lash band or the black pure cotton lash band? Usually, the black pure cotton lash band is more comfortable, but our transparent lash band is made of high-quality materials, which is flexible, soft and elastic. Therefore, we can achieve almost the same wearing experience of transparent lash band and black cotton lash band.

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