Clean Glue On False Eyelashes

2018-08-08 0 作者 admin

In order to make your eyes look more beautiful, people who loved beauty often use false eyelashes. After the makeup remover, the eyelashes always have glue left. Now let me tell you how to clean glue on false eyelashes.

Cleaning Glue On False Eyelashes
3D Mink Lashes with black band

The steps of how to clean glue on false eyelashes

Step 1: Prepare a clean cotton pad and carefully use the used false eyelashes on the cotton pad.

Step 2: Take a cotton swab, apply it to the eye and lip makeup remover, and apply it to the root of the false eyelashes.

Step 3: Use a cotton swab to apply a little force, so that you can pull down some residual glue.

Step 4: If there is a stubborn glue that does not come down. You can pull it with your fingers and gently pull it down.

Step 5: The stems of the false eyelashes are very fragile, so be sure to move gently. Turn over and paint again, and clean them one by one along the false eyelashes.

Step 6: Pull the cotton swab back and forth until there is no color to pull it down, and the stem is not sticky. Then wipe gently with a clean place on the cotton pad.

Step 7: Dispose of the fake eyelashes on a clean cotton pad and dry it slightly.

Step 8: Finally save the cleaned false eyelashes.


It should be noted that when the root is applied, the fake hair is combed, and some of the more fragile hairs may be shaped, but most of the artificial fake hairs can withstand such a toss.

Glue cleaning is not only affecting the re-use of false eyelashes, it is more likely to induce eye diseases as a potential personal safety hazard, which can not be ignored! If you want to learn more about how to clean glue on false eyelashes, please contact me.