How To Choose False Eyelashes

2018-07-30 0 作者 admin

How To Choose False Eyelashes? You can according to the False eyelash material: divided into hard stem, middle soft stem and soft cotton stem, depending on the material, each has its own advantages.

How To Choose False Eyelashes

(1)Soft cotton stem: for pure handmade, extremely soft, almost no sense when used. And the effect of the use of the fruit is very natural, Great comfort. But may not be very palpable when bending false eyelash radians; beginners are advised to practice more.

(2)soft stem: as the name implies, its soft and hard degree is between hard stem and soft stem. There is no big question when using, the small defect is that the false mascara is used more than others.

(3) hard stem: the hard stem is usually made when the machine is in mass production and usually has a foreign body feeling when wearing it. However, the advantage of this section is that the radians are beautiful and no special adjustment is required. Moreover, the problem of eye tail and head warping or displacement does not occur when sticking. And it is not easy to deform.

Transparent pedicle false eyelash: the fashion of naked makeup. There is a new false eyelash style, choose a transparent fishing thread string a single line of eyelashes. Suitable for not too much makeup girls, natural and their eyelashes merge together.

False eyelashes of cotton thread: string one Lasha silk with cotton thread, make streamline shape, make according to individual skill and hobby when makeup, can do proper pruning, paste again with eyelash glue on the eye. If you want to learn more about how to choose false eyelashes, please contact me.