Choose a quality eyelash supplier

2018-07-27 0 作者 admin

At present, there are a variety of eyelash in the market and the quality is not uniform. It is particularly important for dealer to choose a high-quality eyelash supplier. The quality of dealers’ products not only can determines whether dealers occupy a certain market share, but also determines whether dealers can have high-quality eyelashes to lead the development of the market.

quality eyelash supplier

As there are too many inferior products in the market, I would like to give you some suggestions.

1. To identify a good supplier is to see if he has the ability to develop new products for dealers on a regular basis to help dealers lead the market at all times.

2. The supplier’s sample and the bulk of the quality is consistent. Even if we are all made by hand, the difference will not be too big. Let alone the appearance of a product with a few different styles can be found with the eye. This is not conducive to dealer sales, will damage the reputation of the dealer.

3. Whether the quality of the product is up to standard . The first choice is whether the left and right eyes are symmetrical, and whether the hair of the left and right eyes is consistent. (If the hair of the left and right eyes is too different, one eye will be large and one eye will be small.) Whether the band of the eyelash is soft or not determines whether the consumer is comfortable to wear it. Only soft band can bring users better comfort and conducive to sales.

4. Whether or not to cater to customers’ preferences in a timely manner. The custom-made style should be issued in time. Let the customer sell in the market. Let the market demand and consumer word of mouth test the quality and popularity of this style. And be able to make corresponding adjustments in time. If you want to learn more about how to Choose a quality eyelash supplier, please contact me.