Celebrate AVAPROLASHES’s 10th Anniversary

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Today, we are celebrating AVAPROLASHES’s 10th anniversary. AVAPRO lashes company founded and open since from the year July 4,2009 by the Boss Oscar.

At the beginning of eyelashes business

there were only have about 100 square meter workshop and office. 3 computers and 5 workers. Although the space was not big, but we trained the workers seriously for luxury mink eyelashes by handmade. Till today, there are more than 326 workers include eyelashes designing department, experienced skill workers team, eyelashes selling service team… with 2 big workshops’ factories, but our philosophy has never changed.

About the eyelashes

we are looking for better and better materials for the lashes., from the synthetic hair, silk hair, horse hair, human hair to the mink hair. We found that the mink eyelashes are more similar with human’s lashes, it’s more easy to get the curls and light weight. And the users feedback it’s best comfortable in wear.

The styles of lashes

from the natural silk eyelashes to 3D mink styles, our designing never stop the imaging and thinking on the lashes. Especially, since the concept the 3D mink eyelashes took out by our designers, till them are famous all over the world. Our designers continually make the design as per the people’s ethnic characteristics and culture of different areas and countries of the whole world.

AVAPRO lashes

get the orders from all over the world. And most lashes are doing delivery in 24 hours except the customized lashes styles. We can show out about 5,000pairs per day now. At beginning of our eyelashes business, we did less quantity. However, the big quantity present and small quantity at beginning, our attitude and aim treated to the eyelashes are always not changes – treat the eyelashes by our truly heart, and transit the beauty to the world light the shine where it went.

The lashes are not only a pairs of simply lashes, but also a new and rising, great and glorious undertaking. Welcome more and more friends to joint our group.

AVAPROLASHES's 10th anniversary

Because of AVAPROLASHES’s 10th anniversary, we will launch a series of activities. Stay tuned.