How to find the best eyelash supplier

2021-05-14 0 作者 Mary Ma

As we know, eyelashes are 100% hand-made products. In terms of quality control, customers pay great attention to whether the bulk goods are consistent with the samples.  As the best and most professional eyelash supplier in China, we have made the best guarantee from the following three aspects.

1. Unified and strict quality control of raw materials

For example, the selection of mink hair, we require that it must be mink tail and with hair point, other things can not be used.  Therefore, there will be no difference in raw materials between the production of samples and bulk goods, which ensures the stability and consistency of quality from the source.  

2. Trained and skilled workers  

From the process drawing to the perfect presentation of each pair of eyelashes, it embodies the wisdom and ingenuity of each of our workers.  Only through professional training and long-term learning and practice, we can make each worker have skilled skills and rich experience.  We invest a lot of money and material resources every year to improve the comprehensive quality of our workers.  We are very proud to train such workers to produce the same quality as the sample.  

Our skilled workers are working-best eyelash supplier in China

Our skilled workers are working-best eyelash supplier in China

3. Perfect management system  

We have fixed responsible person and assessment standard for each production process. Only the close combination of data and responsible whole team can make the whole management system go smoothly. Under this system, the quality of each step of mass production will be consistent with the sample.  

Therefore, ensuring the consistency of the quality of the bulk goods and the samples is strong business support we give to our customers. As our customers, you just place the order and do not need to worry about any quality problems. And this also confirms our best comprehensive strength as the best eyelash supplier in China.

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The best eyelash supplier in China