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As we all know, the hand-made mink eyelashes are slightly different from the samples. This is because the raw materials come from natural mink hair, and the thickness varies from batch to batch. Even if we require workers to put the same amount of mink in the design, the appearance effect is slightly different. AVAPROLASHES—A quality lash supplier that meets your needs.

Why we are the quality lash supplier that meets your needs

We can make the similarity of mink eyelash samples to 98%.

After receiving the raw materials, we will require the workers to select the mink hair according to the diameter of the raw material and adjust the amount of mink hair to ensure that the similarity of the final mink lash sample reaches or exceeds 98%.

In addition, carefully selected workers. Each group of workers has been trained for half a year, and maintain regular communication with the designer, so that they can understand the beauty of the eyelashes and the designer’s design philosophy.

In order to get the best raw materials and give customers a better wearing experience, we will pay more to raw material suppliers to ensure that they will provide us with the best raw materials.

quality lash supplier

Skilled workers are also an important factor

We pay more to experienced workers to make sure they can make 3d mink lashes more attentively. We pay more sales staff to ensure that they can solve customer market problems in a timely manner. We are honest with our partners to ensure that they have profits and incentives to promote 3D mink eyelashes all over the world and bring beauty to everyone.

Even in severe COVID-19 situations, we still adhere to integrity and help customers control costs.

Of course, we will make every effort to save other expenses that should not be used. We should pay the fees. Of course we can pay without hesitation. We will try our best to save. To ensure that our company can do more long-term and better service for customers! Ensure that customers have access to quality products at the right price.

With the development of society, the cost of all aspects is increasing. During COVID-19, we will also control the price.

Please do not lower our prices again and again. We guarantee that the samples and the official products maintain the same quality, this will never change.

The same quality, our price is more suitable than other suppliers; the same price, our products are better quality than other suppliers, our mink eyelashes are worth this price. If you are not aware of this, please take a moment, we are waiting for your growth…

If you are interested in our products, please contact me. As one of the largest eyelash suppliers, Avaprolashes can meet any requirements of your eyelashes and provide customized services.