Advice for regular customers

2020-07-14 0 作者 admin

When you started to wholesale mink eyelashes, when I gave you suggestions for 3d mink eyelashes, you were keenly aware of the huge potential market for 3d mink eyelashes. Because our mink eyelashes are scarce and unique. You will not hesitate to cooperate with us. Since then, your mink eyelash wholesale has made a breakthrough, and soon became the market leader! But some friends seem to have some questiones recently, the next is my advice for regular customers.

We recommend that every style of mink hair you use will cause market volatility. I am very patient and very careful to find the problems you encounter. You will encounter, and communicate with you to solve the problem in the first time.

Advice 1: Cheap is not good

As the market expanded, many people joined the production of mink eyelashes 3d and attracted you at a low price. At first, I tried to persuade you not to get orders at a low price and not to buy cheap mink eyelashes 3d products. They are new to mink eyelashes production line, how do they know the cost of 3d mink eyelashes? How do they know what beautiful mink eyelashes are? What is mink eyelash fashion? They have no keen market prospects, just see the market is coming, and quickly seize the market at a low price.

When we found that they ordered high-quality 3D mink lashes from us as samples, and then found other workers to produce low-quality eyelashes for you, we have replaced the production method of 3D mink lashes to ensure that we can always Provide high-quality high-end eyelashes. I told you this fact, but I regret that you do not listen to me at all.

Advice for regular customers

Advice 2: Try to understand the price

Dear customer, you will understand our cost from raw material cost, designer cost, labor cost, inspection cost, advertising cost… We spent the cost in a useful position, but saved all the costs, We strictly control your expenses. How do these new factories know this? They will only lower the price to get your order.

In the perfect mink eyelashes 3D is the need to accumulate continuous improvement of experience, those frustrations, we are experienced, how can they not experience it? How can they come up with good products, right? That’s why I told you on the first homepage how to choose a reliable supplier? Experience is the most important thing!

We will continue to provide you with high-quality mink eyelashes at the best price, best quality products, and best service. Hope you can understand advice for regular customers.