Custom Eyelashes and Payment

2019-08-07 0 作者 admin

Recently, one customer placed an order to custom eyelashes according to the picture showing style. We arranged the design and production immediately after receiving the payment. On the third day, guests are asked to cancel the lashes order and return all the purchase payment, We are rejected it.

How to custom eyelashes

 I have a bloger post dedicated to customizing eyelashes for your reference.

We generally determine the material of the eyelashes, the color of the eyelashes, the length of the eyelashes, the curvature of the eyelashes, the thickness of the eyelashes, the crisscorss of the eyelashes and the choice of the eyelashes band.

About the production time of customized eyelashes

In generally, that needs 7 days, which is a week time. We start preparing raw materials of eyelashes from the receipt of payment. Sometimes, the eyelashes of special materials, we will explain in advance according to the needs.

After the customer confirms the lashes custom order, payment made. We will design and arrange experienced workers to produce the lashes according to the number of custom eyelashes specifications. In the production process, it is necessary to repeatedly compare and prepare for future large-volume orders.

Stop the customized lashes in the midway

If the customer stops the lashes order in the midway, we will not refund the cost of custom eyelashes. We will refund the prepaid shipping fee to the customer. Because custom eyelash samples are wasting lots of material and worker’s time, we generally require at least 4 pairs of samples mink eyelashes.