A new choice for vegan lashes—wand lashes

2020-08-24 0 作者 admin

Nowadays, more and more people choose vegan lashes instead of mink lashes. But there is only one style of vegan eyelashes on the market that can be called vegan eyelashes. Now, we have launched a new vegan lash, wand lashes, let me introduce you to what is wand lashes.

wand lashes
wand eyelashes
wand lashes
mink lashes

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to protecting the environment and protecting animals, but at the same time, they also pay attention to their own experience and enjoyment. In order to protect animals, many people choose to wear vegan eyelashes instead of mink eyelashes, but the only vegan lashes on the market are velvet lashes. Regardless of visual or tactile terms, the gap between velvet eyelashes and mink eyelashes is quite large. So we launched this new vegan eyelash, wand lash.

The technology of wand eyelashes

The wand eyelashes are made with the latest technology. The raw material of the wand eyelashes is a bamboo protein fiber. The bamboo protein fiber filaments are extracted from bamboo using the latest technology, and then the bamboo protein fiber filaments are processed by hand by our skilled workers.

Wand lashes are very similar to mink lashes. In essence, wand lashes and mink lashes are the same, and their materials are composed of protein, so in some respects, both have the same performance. Perceive changes in temperature. As the temperature changes, the curl of mink eyelashes and wand lashes will have some changes. But wand lashes and mink eyelashes are obviously different, which is also reflected in the material of the eyelashes. The wand lashes are made of bamboo protein fiber, and the mink eyelashes are made of mink hair.

As a new generation of vegan eyelashes, wand eyelashes have the characteristics of mink eyelashes and have the characteristics of mink eyelashes. The lashes are soft, light, and comfortable to wear. After all, they have become the most popular vegan lashes.

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