6D Mink Eyelashes Real Mink Fur Eyelashes

2019-09-12 0 作者 admin

6D mink eyelashes, that is update from the three dimensional (3D) styles lashes, handmade by the very experienced skill workers. The whole view is dramatic eyelashes, the curvature is big and long. That’s very good for the dacing party and makeup party. There are 20mm 6D mink lashes and 25mm 6D mink lashes.

6D Mink lashes Show your wildness and let your boldness show your beauty under the T-light.
Let your flattery take away everyone’s eyes. You are the protagonist of the stage, and your opening and closing will affect everyone’s heartbeat.
Bold out loud.

6D mink lashes lookes more thick, the curvature is big and long, the whole view is dramatic lashes. That’s very good for the dacing party and makeup party.

For the big eye guys, 6D mink lashes is a good choice. It can better set off your big eyes, so that it no longer looks more hollow, but more attractive.

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