The Characteristics Of Eyelashes

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Eyelashes are hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids. The utility model has the function of protecting the eyes and is very sensitive. If a foreign body such as dust touches the lashes, the eyelids will be reflexively closed to protect the eyeball. The lashes are arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved. The eyelids are large and long, usually 100-150, with an average length of 8-12 mm. This blog will show you The Characteristics Of Eyelashes.

The Characteristics Of Eyelashes

The inclination of upper eyelid hair in general was 79.8 degrees for men (110 degrees -130 degrees) and 83.5% for women (140 degrees -160 degrees) when eyes closed. Women and men were about the same. Eyelashes are protective. The upper and lower lashes appear as line guards, arranged at the margin of the palpebral fissure.

Eyelashes are the second line of defense for the eyes. If there is dust and other foreign objects against eyelashes. Eyelids will reflexively close to protect the eyeball from foreign invasion. Has the shade, prevents the dust, the foreign body, the sweat enters the eye and carries on the protection to the cornea, the eyeball.

Eyelashes can also prevent UV damage to the eyes. Long and dense lashes make many people yearn for, but lashes are not the longer the better. After studying the length of eyelashes in 22 mammals. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States concluded that the “best length” of lashes was one-third of the width of the eyes. If it exceeds this “optimum length,” it will keep the eyes moist, its freshness will be reduced, and long lashes will even affect eye health. If you want to learn more about The Characteristics Of Eyelashes, please contact me.