3D Mink Eyelashes Brochure

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3d mink lashes 100% false eyelashes

3D mink lashes is that false eyelashes handmade by 100% real mink fur and soft cotton band or invisible eyeline band . That is the strip mink eyelashes, curel 3D styles( three dimensional)eyelashes.

The materials are real mink hair that combined from the siberian mink. The mink hairs are cleant and processed by the special equipments. Then the avapro workers collecting them one by one piece. Some hairs without tips will be rejected.

The strip lashes are handmade by the workers, the styles of curely are make by our high-tech equipments. Someone like curel C, you can choose our natural mink strip eyelashes or 3D regular strip lashes. if your are needing the lashes style D curel, we should make customized lashes styles as your liked. becuase of most the 3D mink lashes showing 3 – dimensional styles, that’s differenct the concept of individual extension lashes.

We make the 3D mink lashes in different series by the lashes’ length. (3d= three dimensional)

10-16mm series 3D mink lashes

20mm series 3d mink lashes

25mm series 3d mink lashes

28mm series 3d mink lashes.

These lashes are designed for different kind of parties and environment. Anyway, whatever your face shapes, whatever of your eye socks and shape,whatever of environment using for, there is a pair of AVAPRO 3D mink lashes belongs you. Beauty gets so easily, just a pair of 3D mink lashes. AVAPRO lashes is your truely heart 3D mink lashes vendor.