The Growth Of Eyelashes

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The life span of eyelashes in hair is the shortest, with an average life span of 3-5 months. A developed eyelash can grow 1-2mm in a week after extraction. And it can reach its original length after 10 weeks. Children have the longest and most curved eyelashes. The Growth Of Eyelashes is a fast process.

The Growth Of Eyelashes

In daily life, common parents pull out eyelashes for infants and toddlers, with a view to growing black and bright eyelashes. This practice has no scientific basis. And sometimes even causes accidents such as infection, which can destroy hair follicles and cause the loss of eyelashes. Slender, curved, dark, flickering, and energetic eyelashes are so beautiful that the whole beauty has 2 eyelashes, 2 eyelashes, and 2 eyelashes.

The eyelashes are arranged in a half-arc shape. Eyelashes can show the outline of the eyes, add charm to the eyes. The upper eyelash is longer and denser than the lower eyelash. Blacklight, slightly upward for the United States, has become a human, especially the female facial one of the important parts. Therefore, mascara, false eyelashes, curly eyelashes, and double eyelids are often used to beautify the eyelashes.

The eyelashes about the lower eyelids are short and sparse and bent downward. Sometimes you can make up for the lack of eyelashes by drawing eyeliner or striped eyeliner so as to better show the contour about the eyes. If you want to learn more about The Growth Of Eyelashes, please contact me.