25mm Eyelashes updating

2019-04-29 0 作者 admin

Since the 25mm 3D MINK EYELASHES took out by our designers until it’s famous all over the world market. Our designers are making some new lashes as per the popular trend of the eyelash line. This blog will show you the 25mm eyelashes updating.

25mm Eyelashes updating
25mm 3D mink eyelashes with custom packages

25mm mink lashes—AVAPRO Lashes. The designing intention of 25mm Lashes is that people in the United States and Europe are unfettered in character, and they prefer to use exaggerated makeup to show themselves more perfectly. Because of the need for makeup, the more attractive the eyelashes are, the more intensive they are to make them more attractive.

Now, there are many orders of this new lashes comes, our experienced workers are going on handmade for the lashes, not for many orders in production to make bad lashes. So please don’t urge them, the handmade lashes need the skilled keep patience. Besides, you can place an order as early as possible.

Contact me, and I will tell you more about 25mm eyelashes updating.

25mm Eyelashes updating
25mm 3D Mink Eyelashes workshop Conner

How should we do to have the High level 3D Mink Eyelashes?

You can contact us by email: justin@qdcannes.com or WhatsApp. 008617669625100

Anyway, just tell us the styles you liked and mink lashes codes, we will contact you soon.