More suitable for eyelashes in formal occasions—20mm 3D MINK LASHES

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In the last blog, we introduced our two hot-selling 6D eyelashes DL (20mm 6D mink lashes) and DB (25mm 6D mink lashes). This blog and the next blog will introduce 20mm 3D mink lashes and 25mm 3D mink lashes.

Why 20mm mink lashes so popular?

20mm is a medium length in the length of lashes, and this length is welcomed by the customers once it is launched. Before the launch of 20mm mink lashes, only 13mm mink lashes were available for formal occasions. At that time, the 13mm mink lashes were short and unobtrusive, and they looked more natural and could play a role in decorating the makeup. They were very popular with customers. 20mm mink lashes changed this pattern.


20mm mink lashes improved some situations

As we all know, there are thousands of face shapes and many different eye shapes in the world, so 13mm mink lashes are not suitable for all people. For some people with deep sockets, wearing 13mm mink lashes does not help much. However, 20mm mink lashes can easily change this situation.

20 mm mink lashes are more suitable for women in the workplace

The 20mm mnk lashes add some length to the 13mm mink lashes, but it does not affect the user’s use in formal occasions. This allows women in the workplace to have more choices for eyelashes and better display their beauty. The constant length of 20mm mink lashes makes the wearer not look abrupt in formal occasions.

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