2021 New Christmas Eyelash Box

2021-10-15 0 作者 Mary Ma

Life needs a sense of ritual, especially in this beautiful holiday season – Christmas.  When customers buy eyelashes on this special day, they must be looking forward to the box packaging eyelashes different from the past, which fits the warm and charming romantic atmosphere of Christmas and has a more ceremonial sense.  Avapro Lashes has prepared six styles of boxes for Christmas, which will greatly increase Christmas season shopping sales for the eyelashes business.

The new Christmas eyelash box design is more beautiful and festive

Different from the Christmas elements of the past, this season’s new design is more beautiful, the picture is more warm and romantic.  There are 6 styles for customers to choose from.  

The new Christmas eyelash box can be packed any size eyelashes

This box can be packed 13mm, 14-16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm eyelashes.

The new Christmas eyelash box Can be customized:

1. Custom Logo  

The Logo of the company or customer can be printed on the box, or it can be made into a self-adhesive sticker on the box.  

For the print, we should know how many colors of your eyelashes boxes logo requested. Do you want to make a CMYK print or hot stamping process?  

CMYK print logo can do any color such as red, black, green, grey, and white…  but that requested the paper is art paper.  

Hot stamping logo can do any kind of paper but only for one color at a time.  

A self-adhesive sticker is also a good choice, low cost can be affixed to the outside of the box, the inside of the tray, very convenient and fast.  

2. Customize box styles, shapes, and colors  

3. Custom box patterns  

4. Customize box words

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