Why we are not Free Eyelashes Samples Wholesale False Eyelashes

2019-09-02 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

As a professional luxury eyelashes manufacturer and lashes wholesale, we are always insisting on the high quality lashes. And our lashes are really made by our truly heart. Every pair of lashes are handmade one by one hair to build.

Every pair of eyelashes is the crystallization of our workers’ wisdom. So please understand why we don’t have free eyelashes samples. That’s respect for our workers.

When you placed the order to us, we will arrange production as soon as possible. Please don’t urge the workers to do eyelashes production in hurry. You know the handmade eyelashes is art handicraft. The workers should put her thought and ideas in the works. If everything in hurry, like a machine, that’s really out of our image. Losing the eyelashes’
spirituality .They should have patient and skills. Please understand us.