Why More and More Users Like the 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes

2019-06-25 0 作者 admin

Since beautiful lashes extension found by the women and girls. Till now it becomes a part of makeup every day. When the strip eyelashes took out, there are more and more people enjoy the 3D strip mink eyelashes instead of individual extension lashes.

There are many advantages compared with the individual lashes.

1.Easy to wear, no limited where you are at.

The strip eyelashes are made out with black eyeline or clear eyeline in different styles. The users can change it as their different makeup for different occasions.  For example, you will attend an event for a long time, you can prepare two different styles, nature styles mink eyelashes or a bit longer charming lashes style. You just need 10 minutes, exchange in a short time.

But, as the individual extension lashes, you have to go to eyelashes collection and the makeup artist costs about 2~4hours to do the eyelashes extension.

If someone no much time spent on the eyelashes, please choose the strip eyelashes. Beauty so easy to have, just a pair of 3D mink eyelashes.

2.Protect the eye

The users wear the strip eyelashes easily up and easily down. That cannot cause the eyelashes uncomfortable. Especially, AVAPRO LASHES’s 3D mink eyelashes, perfect natural looking, light weight, and wears comfortable. Vs the individual extension lashes, with human metabolism going on, the human lashes will down off from the third day, So the persons have to back the eyelashes collection to replace the less hair. And the lashes may last 1 month at most.

3.Money costs.

Strip eyelashes, our AVAPRO lashes, $8/pair, can reuse 25 times at least. It’s about $0.3 per time. But the individual extension lashes, the costs about $150.

So the money and time costs of extension lashes are very high. And It cannot change the styles as different makeup.

Drop the individual lashes, let the makeup living easy and relax.

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