Wand Lashes—The Best Vegan Lashes

2020-06-25 0 作者 admin

Now, people are increasingly pursuing the protection of animals, so vegetarian eyelashes have almost become people’s first choice. But the so-called vegan eyelashes on the market are not real vegan eyelashes, but just for the benefit of the vegan eyelashes. We pursue the research and development of real and best vegetarian eyelashes. Now we have developed and produced the best vegetarian eyelashes-wand lashes.

First of all, in terms of materials, wand lashes are not made of mink hair, but made of bamboo protein fiber. The raw material is not animal hair, so it fully meets the definition of vegetarian eyelashes.

Wand Lashes

Secondly, why is it called the best vegetarian eyelashes. Because it can meet your other needs. For example, although the wand eyelashes are not made of mink hair, the difference between the two in terms of the composition of the raw materials is minimal. The magic wand eyelashes are made of synthetic bamboo protein fibers, so the characteristics of mink eyelashes are also available in magic wand eyelashes. For example, wand eyelashes can be curled like mink hair eyelashes under the temperature change. The degree will also change accordingly. This is why wand lashes are similar to sable lashes, but sable lashes are different from wand lashes.

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