Use Of False Eyelashes

2018-07-23 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

Necessary props 1-the clip of a single bundle of false eyelashes absolutely, with the help of the clip, false lashes more sticky, faster. Necessary props 2-the whole row of false lashes that little scissors have just bought must be trimmed into eye-shaped lengths.

Fine scissors can be trimmed with precision, which is extremely convenient. Step1: first take out a bunch of false eyelashes from the box, put them on the back of your hand and wait for sticky false lashes. Step2-stick false lashes on the back of the hand. Use the clip to pick up a single bundle of false lashes and stick them to the root of the eyelash. If you want to create glamorous makeup, add a few more false eyelashes at the end of your eye. And you can create big eyes that look like Hamizaki.

Warm Tip whispers the tip tips-after a single bunch of false lashes are glued, combed together with mascara. You can create amazing, naturally large eyes!