The Hero of False Eyelashes Man – The first pair of false eyelashes

2019-07-03 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

What material is used to make false eyelashes?

How to make a pair of false eyelashes for yourself?

The first materials for the false eyelashes is human hair at first. Then other animal hairs for collecting in that conditions. But he thought of the cattle that were fed at home and used cow hair. He can’t wait to come to the cow. Looking at this black shiny cow hair, he was so excited and excited to laugh out, as if his eyelashes grew beautifully. He looked at the soft and delicate hair of the cow’s neck and cut it , washed it with water and dried it.

When he sat down at the desk again, he was puzzled. To make eyelashes, is it directly sticking the hair to the eyelids? He pulled out one to stick to the eyelids. Because there was no curvature, he blocked his view. Through the mirror, he found that not only wasn’t it beautiful but more strange. Oscar was not discouraged. He thought of fixing the hair on a glue line, waiting for them to be fixed, and then trying to fix the eyelids. After a few days of careful production, Oscar finally made a false eyelash of a cow’s hair. Because the hair is a bit messy, although a bit weird, but after all, I made an eyelash for myself.

Oscar didn’t stop the pace of production. He continued to experiment with different lengths of hair, different degrees of intersection, and he made 10 pairs of false eyelashes in a few weeks. He tried to do it with his hair, and the results were better and better. He tried to do it with the hair of other animals, or the color was not pure, and it was strange to make it.

One day, his cousin in the city came to his house to be a guest and found these false eyelashes. I liked it all at once, and I also asked for a few pairs with a thick face.