About The Eyelash Growth

2018-07-26 0 作者 admin

The life span of an eyelash is only three to four months. And you are told by a professional consultant that the following methods can help eyelash Growth:

Eyelash Growth

1, castor oil or olive oil at night, apply a kind of oil to brush, can promote the eyelash growth, dense. This is an old method that works slowly, but it does. In addition, add lemon peel shards in small oil bottles and apply daily to make your eyelashes more beautiful.

2, liquid protein is a supplementary food, daily nightly smear, can enhance the strength and length of eyelashes. Vaseline is applied nightly and in the morning to help prevent or correct broken eyelashes. Cut a vitamin d gel pill every night, pat on the eye, face and eyelashes, use for 3 months, can produce obvious effect. 5, use overnight tea night water on the eyelashes, can make eyelashes more and longer.


Now I will sum up some of my experience, for your reference. 1. Applying VE: VE is the most common kind of gold capsule sold in the pharmacy for 3 yuan a box, and a toothpick is applied to the eyelashes every day. But it’s easy to grow fat particles, so it’s recommended to wash the old mascara bottle and brush it on your eyelashes, so you won’t get any fat particles in your eyes. Others use old lipstick cartridges and lipstick brushes. 2. Use vad or cod liver oil: some say VE grows eyelashes because the cod liver oil (which contains vad) works, not because VE does. So some people also use VD capsule to smear eyelash, to some people effect very good.