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mink lashes wholesale

AVAPRO Lashes is the the distinctive mink lashes vendor bulk, 25mm mink lashes vendor. The lashes factory was established in 2008 and is the world’s leading mink lashes manufacturer. We are committed to bringing the perfect and radiant Mink lashes to everyone, making you beautiful in seconds.

We are committed to not only being the most reliable lashes supplier and mink eyelash wholesale for every eyelash line owner but also providing you a stable supply chain for eyelashes to save time.

In order to keep the Mink eyelashes natural looking, we persist in pure hand-made in order to put widsom, heart , thoughts into the Mink eyeashes. We say that our Mink Lashes are the art of the soul, and create the beauty with the heart…That is very different from others, They just copy, Never get the truth of beauty.