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Lashes Knowledge

Some Lash Knowledge You Should Know:
1.What is false lashes ?
False eyelashes are a type of beauty products. The artistic design is used for the eyelashes, and the eyelashes are instigated to show the elven temperament. The specially designed transparent type shoots the color of the colored eyelashes completely on the face. Many fashionable ladies like to use inner false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Proper use will make their eyes beautiful. Although the fake eyelashes are delicate and delicate, they are very fragile, so be careful when using them.

2.What is mink lashes ?
Mink lashes, as the name suggests, are made of mink lashes. In terms of texture, mink eyelashes are almost close to our natural eyelashes. Therefore, after wearing it will reflect a natural beauty. The raw material of mink hair eyelashes is generally taken from the tail hair of mink with hair peaks that naturally fall off. In terms of mink hair, the quality of the tail hair is the best. Therefore, the mink tail eyelashes with hair peaks can be used to make perfect mink eyelashes. The raw material of our mink eyelashes is all taken from the naturally mink tail hair with mink hairs, which is harmless, good quality, and the high-end mink eyelashes are selected AVAPROLASHES

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