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Custom packaging

Do you want to custom packaging that blong to yourself? With your logo, your design, the color that you like and so on. Do you want to DIY your lash boxes?

In fact, everyone who doing lashes business all want to custom boxes with their own characteristics so that they can attract customers better.

Who doesn’t want to buy a special box? Right?

Laser silver square lash box with window

Red rectangle lash boxes with a girl

How Important Is A Good Eyelash Packaging?
First, it is an important factor a good eyelash packaging affect customer decisions.
A large part of the lashes buyers intention comes from the user’s feeling of eyelash packaging. A good mink lash boxes will leave a good impression to the customers, which is the first impression. Now people are visual impact, and you will be attracted to it when you see something in perfect. If your custom eyelash boxes stands out and resonates with consumers, then you have taken the first step to success. A good-looking eyelash box not only enhances its attention but also makes your eyelashes sell better.

Second, a good eyelash box packaging can be said words as a silent spokesperson.
It will directly promote your brand, your eyelash line.

Third, the mink lash boxes will protect the eyelashes and carry it.
When you go out, you often think about what to wear to fit the eyelashes, so that it is not hurt, this time a good eyelash case box will solve your troubles to protect the 3D mink eyelashes well.