Private label best eyelash glue pen packaging box

2021-04-23 0 作者 admin

Recently, I have received many emails and WhatsApp messages from customers asking about eyelash glue pen to order and customize the eyelash glue pen packaging box. This blog will introduce you to eyelash glue pen and Private label best eyelash glue pen packaging box.

Information about eyelash glue pen

Eyelash glue pen is a new type of multifunctional glue that has become popular recently. You can use it to draw eyeliner. We have three colors of eyelash glue pen for you to choose from, white, black, and clear eyelash glue pen. Help you to determine different makeup looks for different occasions. The second function is that you can use it as glue. Before the eyelash glue pen is completely air-dried, it is extremely sticky and can be used to wear eyelashes. Compared with glue, an eyelash glue pen is more convenient.

Private label best eyelash glue pen packaging box

The wholesale of eyelash glue pen is naturally inseparable from the custom eyelash glue pen packaging box. Now there are two kinds of boxes for you to choose from. One is a magnet box, which is like an eyelash box, which contains a foam board to fix the eyelash glue pen. Generally speaking, the cost of the magnet box is higher but it looks more high-end and high-end. The other is a paper card box. This box does not need to be fixed with a foam board. The size of the box almost fits the size of the eyelash glue pen, and the cost is lower. You can add matching logo patterns and social media information to the eyelash glue pen packaging box according to your requirements.

If your customer has not adapted to eyelash glue pen, we can also provide you with eyelash glue, we accept eyelash glue pen and eyelash glue customization. Please contact me if necessary and look forward to hearing from you.

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