How to open your lash business

2020-11-03 0 作者 admin

With the increasing popularity of eyelashes, more people want to start their own eyelashes business, but for some novices who have no experience in the eyelash business, how to open your lash business is the safest and least risky? Here, I will recommend a $100 eyelash business plan to you.

For novice entrepreneurs, we have prepared the following four packages, which are 119.9 USD eyelashes package, 99.9 USD eyelashes package, 88.9 USD eyelashes package and 65.9 USD eyelashes package.

First, $119.9 lash package

This package includes 12 pairs of eyelashes, 10 eyelash boxes, 1 glue and 1 tweezers. You can choose four styles from 3D mink lashes, 20mm 3D mink lashes, 25mm 3D mink lashes, wand lashes and 3D silk lashes, each with three pairs of eyelashes; choose a box from our eyelash catalog to combine.

open your lash business

Second, $99.9 lash package

This package includes any five pairs of 25mm 3D mink lashes and 25mm 6D mink lashes. Models without fixed products are for customers. You have more choices to choose your own eyelashes.Many customers choose their favorite eyelashes. But often hesitate because of shipping costs. There is no need to worry about this problem when purchasing this eyelash set, because the shipping cost of this lash set is borne by us—FREE SHIPPING COST!!! In addition to the combinations in the picture, we have many combinations, such as DH001*5+ DB301*5, DH002*5+ DB302*5, DH003*5+DB303*5, and so on.

Third, $88.9 lash package

You can choose two of the three types of lashes(include 3D, DQ, DM), each with 5 pairs of lashes to form this No. 2 set. The three style lashes are 3D, DM and DQ. Mixed them total 10 pairs. Such as 3D66*5+DM14*5, DQ12*5+3D66*5, DQ12*5+DM14*5 and so on.

Fourth, the $65.9 lash package

And this is the No.3 set. You can choose any two styles lashes from Wand Lashes( DW series), 5 pairs each style. Such as DW04*5+DW05*5, DW06*5+DW07*5, DW02*5 +DW12*5 and so on.

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