Natural Mink Lashes

The Purpose To Design Natural Mink Lashes

It starts with a nice story…..  

In The Afternoon Of 20th May (I Love You) In 2008, The founder Mr -Oscar and His lover took wedding photos,

It Is The Most Important Moment In Life, They invited the senior makeup artist for his lover. The Whole Makeup matches up with the temperament. But only The eyelashes look flat no spirit.

Mr. Oscar Ask The Makeup Artist To Take The Most Natural Eyelash Looks velvet-like appearance, Different Layers, Fluffy.

But The Makeup artist regretted can not get a natural eyelash from the market even they want to pay more.No way, The Makeup Artist uses mascara to brush it. it looks a little better but still not as good as enough. As a result, The whole makeup can not reach the perfect, very regretted.

Mr. Oscar acutely Sensing The Business Opportunity Of the Natural Mink Lashes Market. He determined to develop a kind of Best Eyelashes which looks natural, Girls Must love it!

Through countless setbacks, testings, A pair of Mink Eyelashes was finally finished.

Oscar Gave The High-Quality Mink Lashes As a gift to his lover. She was very happy.

Sure enough, it was much better than before, it looked more natural, And more comfortable to wear. No burden anymore.

The Photoshop Are Very Interested in Natural Mink lashes. And Order From Oscar.

The demand for Natural Mink Lashes is increasing in a soon time. The first cooperator velour lashes, flutter lashes tried the market and get success in soon time!

Catch the fashion trend is important, Cooperate with reliable and creative Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors can bring you potential market!

So October 2008: Oscar established the most professional Mink Lashes Strip Manufacturer. And Became The Best and Specialist of Mink Lashes for 11year’s development. Now Natural Mink Lashes have been becoming classic eyelashes for people. It is a big market. If you want to get the market, Never Miss To Choose The classic Natural Mink Lashes.
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Natural Mink Lashes Catalogue

Silk Lashes

Silk lashes are lighter and finer than synthetic extensions. You can wear this type of falsies for a long because they are fine and lightweight. When compared to the synthetic lashes, the silk lashes can last a little bit longer than the synthetic extensions. Silk lashes are comfortable to wear and are appropriate for older clients as well as younger ones who want to keep it simple. Suitable for clients who have weak and thin eyelashes.

Just like the synthetic extensions, silk lashes are available in different lengths and curls to give you an option to choose the type that fits you best. They give a more natural look than synthetic lashes that gives a stagy or plastic look. 

Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are artificially made to mimic the characteristics of a real animal fur. They are softer and finer than the silk lashes. They are water-resistant. Hence their curls still remain even after being exposed to water. However, in case they lose their curls, you can reinstate the curls by using a curler. Since they are very fine and soft, you will not have any trouble while trying to return the curls. They need proper care for them to last for long. Just like synthetic lashes, they are also shiny and glossy. The mink lashes take the longest time to apply as compared to synthetic and mink falsies. It is because they are very fine hence you will apply more lashes.