How to Customized your own eyelashes

2021-09-27 0 作者 Mary Ma

Avapro Lashes is not only a high-quality eyelash production factory, we also have our own research and development team.  Our designers design and develop a lot of best-selling lashes in different countries and markets, helping our customers win a lot of market share.  In order to help customers expand the market, we deeply study the market demand with customers and provide highly personalized service – customized eyelashes.  So how to customized eyelashes with your own characteristics?

Customzied Eyelashes Band

We have two kinds of eyelash bands now: black cotton band and clear band.  The black cotton band is soft and comfortable to wear, eliminating the trouble of eyeliner.   The clear band is slightly harder and more natural to wear, which is more suitable for naked makeup. They can also be used with different colors of eyeliner, but the cost is a little higher than a black cotton band. And customers can choose different eyelash bands according to their needs.

Clear Band
Clear Band

Black Cotton Band

Customized Eyelashes Length

We now have 13mm, 14-17mm, 20mm, 25mm,28mm, 40mm lashes in different length styles.  Customers can customize the length of their customers according to their own needs, with different styles and scenes. The below YouTube shown is 3D mink lashes 14-17mm Length, natural styles.

DIY Eyelash Volume

Our workers make eyelashes according to the drawings of our designers. With this customized service, customers can be designers themselves and design the Volume they want.  

Personalized Eyelash Effect

The degree that eyelash becomes warped and wear to present the effect customer decides, can design custom oneself want the effect.  

Customized Eyelashes Price

Customers can set the price according to their customer base and market positioning, we organize production according to the target price of customers. About the lashes styles, we have mink, vegan, magnetic lashes, bottom lashes, colorful lashes, pony hair lashes, eyelash extensions, and so on. No matter what the price, we always provide the best production technology and mass quality.

Please feel free to contact us for further questions about customized eyelashes.