How to Custom Eyelash Books

2021-09-24 0 作者 Mary Ma

The eyelash book is easy to view of the lashes you collected and showing to the buyers directly in the court and shop. That’s why the eyelashes line-owner want to custom lashes books as their business eyelashes styles.

The size of custom eyelashes boxes is usually made as per the size of lashes’ trays. The longer lashes use the larger trays or lashes holder. There are 3 steps to help you to finish eyelashes book customized.

What styles of eyelashes do you want

There are many styles of mink lashes in our catalogs, such as Natural mink eyelashes, 10-16mm 3D mink eyelashes,20mm 3D mink eyelashes, 25mm 3D mink eyelashes, 28mm 3D mink eyelashes…… Different lengths of lashes styles use different lashes trays.

What styles of eyelash books do you like

To choose one kind of lashes books, such as 2 pairs of lashes per book, 3pairs of lashes per book, 5 pairs of lashes per book, 10pairs of lashes per book, 16pairs of lashes per book, 20pairs of lashes per book… for the eyelash packages styles you liked.

Confirm the eyelash packages style, such as rectangle boxes for 5pairs. Next to confirm the materials of paper, and logo & information requirements.

What sizes of eyelash books do you need

The trays styles and packages styles were confirmed, then make the dimension of eyelash packages as per the sizes of trays.

If you don’t like the whole piece tray for lashes, there is a single tray for the lashes as well.

We can design the boxes as per the sizes of the single lash tray quantity and sizes.

Such as the 5pairs boxes, 3pairs of lashes boxes, etc.

The Eyelash book is a makeup tool. You are comparing with different styles directly when you make up. More and more girls like to have lashes book to collect the lashes styles their Favorited.

Besides, if you want to order some sample packs, eyelash books will also be a good choice.

Do you want to custom lashes books? AVAPRO Lashes can meet all of your requirements. Please contact us at any time.