How to create your eyelash brand

2021-04-01 0 作者 admin

To create your eyelash brand, you must first establish your own eyelash line. How to create your own eyelash line, please refer to my previous blog >>>>>>>>>How to build your own eyelash line.

The advice on how to create your eyelash brand

If you want to establish your own eyelash brand, first have a series of high-end eyelash products that can attract consumers. So as to lay the foundation for your eyelash brand. Secondly, your eyelash styles must conform to current fashion trends. In addition to 3D mink eyelashes and 6D mink eyelashes, the currently popular eyelash styles also have very special eyelashes, environmentally friendly eyelashes. Selling eco-friendly eyelashes is a breakthrough for you to establish and stabilize your own eyelash brand. If you want to sell eco-friendly eyelashes, you can contact Avapro Lashes.

As a high-end eyelash manufacturer and exporter, Avapro lashes has nearly 20 years of experience in eyelash exporting. And is the first to produce eco-friendly eyelashes with plant fiber yarn according to the latest needs of customers. The main material of eco-friendly eyelashes is bamboo protein fiber filaments. The remaining bamboo after the fiber filaments are extracted from the bamboo is not discarded. The second is to crush them into pulp to produce environmentally-friendly eyelash holders. This series of processes completely follows the environmental protection concept of full utilization of materials. The eco-friendly eyelashes can be degraded by themselves after being discarded. The eco-friendly eyelash holders can also be re-used to make cartons for goods.

build your eyelash brand

The concept of environmental protection is particularly popular now, and seizing the opportunity can better help you build your own eyelash brand. In addition, we also have eco-friendly eyelash boxes for your reference. The eyelash brand established by using the environmental protection suit is in line with the current consumption concept and will definitely make your eyelashes more popular.