How do you get your bottom lashes?

2021-09-29 0 作者 Mary Ma

Nowadays, more and more girls are wearing false eyelashes, and extension eyelashes have become one of the most popular beauty trends.  Wearing the right pair of false eyelashes will make you look great, confident, and beautiful even if you are wearing bare makeup.  That’s the beauty of eyelashes.  AVAPRO designs and produces a lot of lashes, and we’re also launching bottom lashes.  Wear bottom lashes to make your eyes look bigger and better balance your upper lashes, making your eye makeup look the best and more natural and attractive.

Material and length of Bottom lashes

The bottom eyelashes designed and produced by Avapro, which are made of mink hair, using the best natural mink, which is lighter, flexible and natural, and very comfortable to wear.  The length of 3 mm makes the best and most natural extension of the natural lashes, balances the upper lashes and makes the whole eye makeup more natural, perfect, and attractive.

Band of Bottom Lashes

We have two kinds of eyelash bands for customers to choose from, one is black cotton which is our most commonly used, and the other is a clear band. Some customers also call it bandless. The black cotton band is more soft and comfortable, eliminating the trouble of eyeliner; the Clear band is a little harder and comfortable to wear too, but most importantly they can be paired with different colored eyeliner.

Styles of Bottom Lashes

We now have 5 types of bottom eyelashes, among which X003 has a clear band for customers to wear and compare in addition to the black cotton band.

Private customized service 

In addition to our existing styles, we also welcome customers to have their own designs and suggestions, we provide customers with a full range of private customization from the following aspects:  

  1. Customized Lash Band
  2. Custom Lash Length
  3. DIY Eyelash Volume
  4. Personaziled Eyelash Effect
  5. Custom Lash Price
  6. Custom Made Lash Shape
  7. Custom Lash Packaing

For more details about bottom lashes or if we can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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