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Eyelash DIY – Fashionable And Distinctive Eyelashes Wholesale AVAPRO

When you want to engage in eyelash line and to look for a quality, unique eyelashes supplier, a thoughtful eyelash supplier. You will find relevant information and eyelash suppliers online. Have you tried eyelash DIY?

When you browse my website, Congratulations to you, finally you have found your right partner – AVAPRO Lashes. This is a light for your new life or a propeller for your lifeboat, and the ocean is a lashes line.

Designers Offer A Various Of Styles Eyelashes

Oscar, the designer of AVAPRO lashes, is a highly versatile designer with deep artistic attainments. His design is not limited to the existing eyelash shape and color, and it is best to use the eyelash style that suits you. Like the NA’Vi princess Nietini of Pandora’s planet in the movie Avatar, she should have her own false eyelashes and distinctive eyelashes. For example, Asians have shallower eye sockets. They wear eyelashes at 7-10mm, while European and American whites have 12-14mm false eyelashes. European and American blacks are suitable for 18-22mm eyelashes. The Princess of Stephanie in “Avatar” should be very suitable for our 28-30mm 3D mink lashes. In addition, Oscar also designed different styles of eyelashes according to the characteristics of regional religious culture, working environment, and personality. 25mm 3D mink lashes, 25mm 6D mink lashes designed by a female anchor or masquerade.

AVAPRO Eyelash Style Updated Timely

AVAPRO lashes pay more attention to the design of eyelash details so that you can have different beauty from the different viewing positions.

Our eyelash design work has never stopped lashes updating. Referring the face, the shape of the eyes, the different occasions, our designers are constantly updating their styles for each other, so that every one of you is so different. For example, your eyes are round, and we usually recommend round eyelashes with middle long, two ends short, such as: 3D09, 3D22C, 3D104… If it is a long oval face, we recommend 3D03, 3D14 , 3D74, 3D88…;

Eyelash DIY Knowledge: Eyes Match The Lashes

Eyelash DIY

Amorous Eyes

The list of lashes styles as follows:

Willow Eyes

Almond Eyes

Eyelash DIY
Eyelash DIY

Staring Round Eyes

Eyelash DIY

Dragon Eyes

Eyelash DIY

Lashes Makeup For Phoenix Eye/
Dlimed Eyes’ Shape

Sleeping Phoenix Eyes

Eyelash DIY

Lashes Makeup For Fox Eye Shape

You can collect the lashes styles as per your eyes’ shape and facial form. The lashes are strip mink lashes, you can cut them to bundle and make them parts together when makeup on. The new styles will come as you like in the different groups.