Everything you want to know about fake eyelashes!

2018-09-30 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

Many girls talk about false eyelashes,the thought was of heavy smoky makeup and the club style.Actually the application range of false eyelash is very wide.It’s not just the eyes on the stage.It also plays an important role in daily makeup.Into the hands of the skilled,false eyelashes are more natural than mascara.

So how to choose, how to wear, how to look like real eyelashes.This is particularly important.




                                                                                                                                            Material is very important

The false eyelishes on the market are made of various materials.Except for the more popular man-made fibers,there are horse hair(more hard),sable hair(soft),fox hair(colorful),human hair and so on…One of the most recommened is human hair because it is natural.And it is best to put on makeup.


Style feels your style

Fan like false eyelashes can look heavy on makeup.A natural look is enough for your daily makeup.The ultra-thin model is also a nude makeup artifact.

With all that said, it is time to get started.


First you have to have:

A pair of fasle eyelashes.

Eyelashes glue

Eyelashes curler

Small scissors

Arc mouth tweezers


Installation steps:

Use an eyelashe curler to curl your eyelashes.First,trim fake eyelashes with scissors.Adapt it  to its eye length.Apply the glue to the false eyelashes.Wait half a minute to a minute.Attach tweezers to the eyes.Slight adjustment by hand.You would better appreciate it.And you can put your eyeliner on.

















guMaterial is very importantMaterial is very importantMaterial is very importantThe false eyelashes on the market are made of various materialsWith all that said, it’s time to get started
The false eyelashes on the market are made of various materials…