Eco-friendly eyelash trays

2020-11-14 0 作者 admin

Eco-friendly eyelash trays have always been standard for eyelashes. The eyelash holders we have seen for a long time are all plastic. We all know that plastic products are not easily degraded and will pollute the environment. So we have launched a new environmentally friendly eyelash trays.

This Eco-friendly eyelash trays are made of paper and can be reused, in line with the concept of renewable and environmental protection. Like plastic eyelashes, these eco-friendly eyelashes are biodegradable, reborn, and reusable without polluting the environment.

Nowadays, environmental protection is a big trend, and many people are pursuing environmental protection effects. However, the cost of environmentally friendly materials is high, and many suppliers are afraid to take risks to be the “first person to eat crabs.” To meet the needs of customers, Avapro Lashes have now launched a batch of environmentally friendly eyelashes for your choice. The raw material for producing environmentally friendly eyelashes is pulp. After the pulp is melted and cooled, the pulp is poured into the mold, die-casting, and waiting to be formed, thus completing the production of environmentally friendly eyelashes. There are many types of Eco-friendly eyelashes trays, such as rectangular trays, square trays, diamond trays, round trays, etc.

Eco-friendly eyelash trays

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