DH015-28mm -3D mink lashes-Flying the Youth

2018-11-28 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

28mm mink lashes, DH015, we named flying the youth

This is an extended style eyelash designed by our AVAPRO design team based on the needs of our customers. It consists of 12 clusters of 28mm mink fur cross-cultivation, representing the charm of 12 months a year. The intertwined clusters are strong and strong, representing the youthful vitality of the youth, while the soft curvature of the pointed top gives the girl a soft and feminine performance. Strong and soft, soft and gentle, showing youthful women are independent and soft, adapt to the natural atmosphere.

AVAPRO’s design team gives each style its soul, not a simple combination of flesh and blood. We always provide our customers with comprehensive and unique insights.