Customize All Kinds of Festival Exclusive Lash Boxes

If you want to sell good lashes, it is important to choose the right lash case. The lash box can not only protect the lashes and avoid damage to the lashes but also add luster to your lashes. A high-quality lash box is more attractive to customers. Therefore, in some grand festivals, customizing some holiday-themed lash boxes can be more beneficial to your lash business. Here are a few festival exclusive lash boxes I recommend for you。

Christmas Lash Boxes

The design idea of Christmas lash boxes is coming. Stay tuned…..

These new Christmas eyelash boxes fully contain a variety of Christmas elements, such as elk, sleigh and Santa Claus. It is the best choice for Christmas gift box while highlighting the characteristics of Christmas without losing its beauty.

Halloween Lash boxes

These lash boxes are perfect for holding Halloween lashes. Halloween lashes are mostly long and thick lashes. Here I recommend you 25mm and 28mm 3D mink lashes and 6D 20mm and 25mm mink lashes. These four series of eyelashes are very suitable for Halloween. If you are interested, click the link below to learn more.
>>>25mm 3D mink lashes
>>>28mm 3D mink lashes
>>>20mm 6D mink lashes
>>>25mm 6D mink lashes

The Design Idea of Halloween Festival Exclusive Lash Boxes

If you want to custom yourself Halloween lash boxes, but if you are not sure about the logo design, maybe the following logo design drawing can be used as your reference

If you want to custom festival exclusive lash boxes, click the link to contact me.