CANNES Lashes Are The Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy

2019-07-11 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

CANNES is a world famous brand of AVAPRO Lashes

are the best fake eyelashes vendor, mink eyelashes manufacturer and wholesale. Cannes lashes have his own designing team, workshops and skill workers. They ensure the high-quality lashes and keep delivery on time.

Cannes lashes leading the popular trend of the mink eyelashes strip styles always.

The designer Oscar is famous for the fake eyelashes design in the world. He went over world talked with the users from different countries and areas. He was learning their local culture and knew them habit. For example,

he designed 25mm 3D mink eyelashes for the American girls, in a short 3months, light and hot the whole USA eyelashes market;

he made 10-16mm 3D mink eyelashes that are popular in the Europe market and Australia market.

He made the 9-13mm 3D silk eyelashes, they are fashionable styles caused popular very soon.

Cannes mink lashes are good at

light weight, flexible eyelash band and wears comfortable and perfectly looking. The mink eyelashes are handmade real mink fur, 100% mink fur and 100% handmade. We ensure the similarity above 97%. You know well the handmade eyelashes are completely different from the mechanical products, all are same from the molds. Our lashes have soul and life.

Especially, the cotton band, that’s the softest band in the world. The invisible band eyelashes available for choose. We have more series of those lashes styles for you choose and collect.

The Cannes lashes are mink eyelashes strips style. It’s easy to setup on to save much time for the users. The users can change different styles as per different makeups. And it’s very easy to clean as well and the lashes reuse 25~30times.

The beauty of Cannes lashes

is special when its setup on. You will find beautiful points from different views of 3d lashes. You will have different feeling. It lighting the makeup in different styles.