A Letter to the Owner of Eyelashes

2019-06-26 0 作者 Mervin Zhu

Dear friend, Dear partners and the owner of eyelashes

Thank you very much for you are interested in our AVAPRO lashes and do much appreciates on your trust and growing with us step by step. We are liking a big family, and devoting ourselves to make the most beautiful eyelashes and give the newest fresh feelings to our clients.

All business around satisfied the users

Our designers took out some new eyelashes and I send some new catalogues to you by email. If some friends cannot have, please feel free to contact me. These new styles lashes include 25mm 3D mink eyelashes, 25mm 6D mink eyelashes, 28mm 5D mink eyelashes and some 20mm 3d mink eyelashes. Of course, the samples can be taken with the orders or make new order for samples of the new eyelashes. The quality of mink eyelashes is same in high grade.

In order to let buyers receiving the mink eyelashes’ order in very short time, we have the new service of RTS Eyelashes (RTS=Ready to Ship). We have a good quantity of 3D mink eyelashes with various of lashes styles in stock. Just an order from you, the lashes’ delivery will send out by express in 24hours. Don’t need wait for a long time.

In order to pack and protect the lashes, AVAPRO made thousands of nature lashes case and boxes without logo and information for the order of 10-16mm/20mm/25mm /28mm eyelashes samples. When you have orders in hurry, please feel free to use our ready eyelashes cases or boxes. The logo stickers can be made well in 24hours.

Early plan in the eyelashes purchasing

The hot purchasing season is coming as for the experience of past years. please all friends to contact us early upon the eyelashes list and custom eyelash packages. We try to avoid heavy orders in the same time delaying the delivery. Therefore, if you have the plan to custom new lashes packing boxes, you can contact us now. if you have less lashes in stock, you need to contact us now. If you want book some new lashes samples, please contact us now.

AVAPRO will continue to adhere to the belief: high-quality beauty will not miss and die, produce high-quality mink eyelashes and transit the beauty to everywhere of the world are our life goal. We strive for achieve it with all partners/ owner of eyelashes, and grow together.
AVAPRO is always your designing and manufacturing base partner.