3D Mink Lashes

What’re The 3D Mink Eyelashes?

3D mink eyelashes are hot selling luxury mink lashes and favorites by beautiful girls from all over the world. The curl showing three-dimensional, volume lashes show. Different views showing different beautiful points.  3D mink eyelashes are different from the standard “mink lashes” or “fiber lashes”  in the way they are made and how they look. The design is different,  just as 3D is defined;  “3D means three-dimensional, i.e. something that has width, height and depth or length”.


As far as 3D lashes go, these lashes have a somewhat “layered” or dimensional effect. The lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes giving the lashes a 3D effect and a more voluminous, fluffy look.  These lashes do not all lay flat on the strip-like regular lashes. And because of this lashes more noticeable and more natural-looking. 3D lashes overall tend to be more glamorous, making your eyes larger and more attractive.

We hereby update you on our popular 3D mink lash.

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3D lashes are beautiful and “dimensional” from all angles you look at them and they have beautiful fluffy tips. The lashes are more lash and full volume.

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If anyone asks you “What is 3D mink eyelashes?”

You can respond by telling them they are the sexiest lashes on the planet.

3D Mink Wholesale Eyelashes – Hot Selling Eyeashes

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3D eyelashes can also be classified according to length:13mm 3D mink eyelashes, 15mm 3D mink strip lashes, 20mm 3D mink lashes, 25mm 3D mink lashes, 28mm 3D mink eyelashes, and so on.

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There are women whose knowledge is in their looks, and whose wisdom is in their eyes. Nothing tortures a man more than the attractive eyes of a  woman.

Email: mervin@qdcannes.com

The eyes are transparent and they can see people’s hearts through them

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Mink Lashes In Bulk

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3D Mink Eyelashes Just For You

20mm 3D mink eyelash

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6D mink eyelash

Natural mink eyelashes

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Private label wholesale 3D high-end mink eyelashes catalogs

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3d-mink-lashes catalogs
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3D Mink Lash Private Label

We can provide OEM and ODM services. You just need to tell us your requirements or provide your design diagram, we will produce the lashes according to your requirements or design diagram. We will help you build yourself private label lashes.

How To Book The Samples Of Mink Lashes ?

We don’t have the quantity limited to the sample order of mink lashes. The quantity under the 200 pairs can be made delivery in 24 hours.

How To Make Payment For The Mink Lashes Order?

1. Payment by paypal:


2.West Union:

The first name: Yuanju

The family name: Gao

The City: Qingdao

3. TT payment.

How to Make shipment of lashes packages ?

We use DHL to ship the goods in usually. The Express cost is only USD $25.00 below 0.5 kg. It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

TNT, FEDEX, UPS, AMAX, There are many many express companies in China, Just meet your request.

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