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Compared with the regular 3D mink fur eyelashes. This new style of 3D mink lashes has adopted the invisible lash band. As a result, you may have exactly the same feeling as the nude make-up. In other words, there will no trace of making up at all after wearing such invisible band eyelashes. This feature contributes to the uniqueness of the 3D mink lashes. What’s more amazing. The clear band false eyelashes made with multiple layers keep the magic dimensional looking like the common 3D mink lashes.

3D clear band mink lashes catalogs( Can be customized )

3D clear band mink lashes catalog ( In the stock, can ship within 24 hours after you paid)

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This is entirely up to you. Our 3D Mink Lashes are completely torn with this choice. Some prefer one over the other and visa versa. It’s simply a matter of preference and your personal makeup style. The Black Cotton band can make your eyes and makeup more dramatic because of the black color and it lines up very well with black or dark eyeliners. The clear Invisible Band can go both ways, it can sit perfectly on a black smoky winged eye…but it can also sit on a bare eye with no makeup at all.

The clear Invisible Band can sit flush with the skin and look flawlessly natural. The choice is yours and we encourage you to experiment. The Black Cotton band lasts a bit longer because the Invisible Band is more delicate. But both variations will still last a very long time with proper care, handling & storage. Since the lashes are made with 100% genuine mink, natural shedding will occur. Just as your natural lashes are not identical for both eyes, your mink lashes may not be exactly identical either but will still look gorgeous on.

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