28mm Mink Lashes

28mm 3D mink lashes

28mm 3D mink lashes is the longest, distinctive false lashes styles.

28mm 3D mink lashes is much longer style 3D mink lashes by the lashes manufacture and vendor AVAPRO. It’s great long for the special events and the young guys who is in the pursuit of vogue and individual character. So the youths pursue personality, and like not the common things , and buy the unique ones. 28mm 3d mink lashes named crazy lashes as well. It’s suite for the girls wearing on the special party, like Halloween .

28mm 3d mink lashes are customized styles of lashes by some young girls booked at first. There are not too many users for the longest styles. So it ‘s market is thin, but these lashes are very beautiful as well. There are 5 hot styles as follows.


3D mink lashes 28mm are handmade for the customized mink lashes. We don’t have many quantity of them in the stock, only under 100 pairs of each. just do production as per the requests of customers. Any styles in our catalogs can be come true or OEM as customer’s style or samples. Besides, 30mm mink eyelashes are available custom.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) for the mink lashes

Do they look perfectly?

Yes, they are curl 3d styles looking.Our products are handmade using 100% mink fur, premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers

Do the lashes come with the lashes glue ?

Sorry, our product does not come with glue!
Our bilmedical glue have 5ml and 10ml, clear,white and black 3 colors.

Do the eyelashes reuse?

These eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times.

How many times can you reuse the false eyelashes?

The eyelashes could be used for about 25-30 times if it protect well, the life is more long.

Does the fake lashes could wear for a whole day?

Absolutely! You can wear it when sleeping.

Can I wash the mink lashes?

Yes, you can. Our high quality lashes are waterproof. Washing it, then dry them by blower.

Do you accept exchanges or returns sold lashes?

The lashes you favorited on sent out once. The lashes don’t allow to exchange or return. Besides, there are mistakes had in the wrong lashes codes mixed.

How to wear luxury mink lashes?

  1. Cut strip lashes two ends,if the lashes longer for the users

  2. Apply Biomedical glue along the strip, waiting for 15 to 30 seconds, let it dry.

  3. Place it in center eyes and press into your own lashes bottom line.

  4. Finish with the eyelashes curler( the 3D lashes no need use in usually).

How to take care of your mink lashes

1.Be very gentle when removing lashes from case
2.Don’t use mascara on your false lashes.It will ruin them. You can apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eyeline look natural
3.Peel out glue residue from lashes after wearing them
4.Store in original case

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