25mm mink lashes sample packaging

2021-04-26 0 作者 admin

There are more and more novices in the eyelash business, and they are very cautious about the purchase of eyelashes and the selection of suppliers when starting the eyelash business. Today’s customers no longer pay attention to differences in prices but pay more attention to differences in product quality. More and more customers tend to choose high-end eyelashes and will buy samples for reference before mass wholesale. In this blog, I will introduce to you our high-end eyelash sample pack, 25mm mink lashes sample packaging.

The 25mm mink lashes sample pack mainly contains two series, the first series is 25mm 3D mink lashes, and the second series is 25mm 6D mink lashes sample. Both series of eyelashes are long eyelashes, and 6D eyelashes are thicker than 3D eyelashes. In order to cater to the needs of our customers, we specially designed the 6D 25mm mink lashes series, the thickness is equivalent to twice the 3D 25mm mink lashes. More suitable for fancy dress party. Both 3D 25mm mink lashes and 6D 25mm mink lashes are handmade, 100% mink fur and non-cruelty.

25mm mink lashes sample packaging

This sample pack includes ten pairs of eyelashes, 5 pairs of 25mm 3D mink lashes and 25mm 6D mink lashes each constitute this package. 10 pairs of 25mm mink lashes only cost 99.9 US dollars, and shipping is included. Contact me if you are interested.

To learn about our 25mm mink lashes sample packaging, please add my WhatsApp +8617561687029For novices who have just set foot in the eyelash business, the sample pack is of great reference significance. It can help novices to test the quality of eyelashes and choose the right eyelash supplier.