in Beauty is So Easy, Just A Pair of 3D Mink Eyelashes in AVAPRO Lashes !

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Qingdao AVAPRO Lashes Co.Ltd
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are one of the leading mink eyelashes vendor, lashes manufacturer and supplier. We have designed over 1000 styles of fashion eyelashes. As one of the biggest and most professional eyelashes manufacture in China, our own factory located at Pingdu (The hometown of false eyelashes), Qingdao City. And our aim is to manufacture the best quality 3D mink eyelashes and offer the best private label OEM & ODM service. Our designers can design the style according to customers’ needs and different fashion trends.

With more than 10 years’ manufacturing experiences, we mainly supply real mink fur eyelashes,3d eyelash, luxury mink fur eyelashes, 3d mink fur eyelashes, handmade false eyelashes,28mm mink lashes, 25mm mink eyelashes and 20mm mink lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own private logo and brand name. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our lash products.

empty eyelash case – 5 pairs lashes book

Newest & Hot Selling mink 3D eyelashes

16mm 3D Mink Eyelashes vendor and Custom Eyelashes packaging boxes

MORE videos & lash packages -DCO3

MORE videos & packages -DC02

MORE videos & eyelashes packages -DC01

20MM 3D Mink Eyelashes wholesales DM.Series

More details and styles of lashes CLICK HERE

20mm 6D mink Eyelashes -double layer style. Hot selling USA

22mm 3D mink Eyelashes 

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25mm 3D Mink Eyelashes wholesales DH. SERIES & DB.Series

More details and styles of lashes CLICK HERE

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28mm 3D Mink Eyelashes with Custom Lashes Packaging Box

More details and styles of lashes CLICK HERE

New Hot Selling 25mm lashes mink 3d in USA

Lightweight, nature, curved, black, flashing and vibrant eyelashes accentuate the contours of the eyes, make the eyes more charming. We love our eyelashes like birds love their feathers.

What’s the 25mm mink lashes?

List of Ready for ship(RTS) Lashes–delivery in 24 hours.

10-16mm 3D mink eyelashes 1
10-16mm 3D mink eyelashes 2
18-20mm 3D mink eyelashes25mm 3D mink eyelashes
3D22C3D88DM2228mm 3D mink eyelashes

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Why Choose – AVAPRO Lashes 

1. Raw Materials Guaranteed

i. AVAPRO mink lashes strips is 100% mink fur, 100% hand-made. In pursuit of nature, Raw materials for mink lashes are processed by high technology. Each mink lash hair is soft and sharp, Without shiny hair. It is natural and elegant and spiritually.

VS (The other eyelashes in the market, Their raw material are not processed technically, the eyelash hair look hard and flashing without any tip. After a long time wearing, the eyeliner is easy to break and lose its mink lash hair easily!)

ii.  AVAPRO the Eyelash Liner and Glue:   3d mink Lashes eyeliner is clean and soft without glue overflow. The unique glue technology ensures that the eyeliner can be reused and not broken easily, Cannes mink lashes kit can be used Repeatedly 20-25 times!

iii, the mink lashes curve: unique Stereotype technology ensures the mink lashes with natural and elegant eyelash shape. After immersion in dry water, the eyelashes will return to normal. VS (The other Mink Eyelash products on the market look stiff, Feel overgrown with weeds, irregular, If repeated wearing or soaked in water, The eyelashes cannot be restored to the original.)

2. Designer Team 

In the era of highly developed living standards, Good eyelashes products that can bring different feelings to customers will quickly attract a large number of customers and quickly open the market!

AVAPRO EYELASH DESIGNER TEAM constantly learning and improving aesthetics! In order to provide new business opportunities, 3D mink lashes are always kept pace with the trend of the times, And updating MINK LASH STYLES for customers regularly!


You only need to tell us what you think, and the designer will confirm the stereoscopic effect after the order is confirmed!

For more details please CLICK HERE.

4.Eyelashes Delivery

Regarding the eyelashes delivery date, in the Internet age, time is money, the winner is all-inclusive, whoever seizes the time, whoever gets the business opportunity, we have our own factory, inventory, guarantee the fastest delivery time to help you occupy the market in the first time!

Q: Are these lashes animal cruelty free?
A:Yes, they are totally cruelty free.

Q:Are these lashes a one time use product?A:They can be reused. Usually can be reused for about 15-30 times

Q:Do you offer Private label Service?
A: Yes, we could design your logo and do private label for your brand..

Q: what is your MOQ?
A:Usually it is 10pairs each style at least.But now 1 pair is okay as well.

Q:What payment do you have?
A: We have paypal,western union,money gram and bank T/T.

Q: How to send the products? 
A:We could send to you by DHL,Fedex,UPS,EMS,TNT

Q:Could you provide samples?
A:Yes,of course

We offer OEM and ODM eyelashes service to clients, have designed over 200 special packages for different kinds of the eyelash. Our package of real mink fur eyelash is most high quality.

AVAPRO transit the beauty from the heart, light the world it went, light every user who wear our lashes.

AVAPRO integrated own designers, Our skilled workers, quality-control department. With strict and unified management, we guarantee the super quality of lashes.

Meanwhile, we always learn about the innovations and trends in the market. Our designers closely follow up the most fashionable concept.

We are treating the lashes like take care of babies. Let every partner feel our true heart, feel our cultural, feel our soul of each style of lashes.

justin@qdcannes.com WhatsApp:+86 18561819302
Instagram @canneslash Paypal: admin@qdcannes.com

justin@qdcannes.com WhatsApp:+86 18561819302
Instagram @canneslash Paypal: admin@qdcannes.com

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